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What is the WahlClub?

The Wahlclub is a rewards program that Wahlburgers offers to you, our guest! You'll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in our participating restaurants AND, you can use your points to unlock rewards including your favorite craveable menu items and free Wahlburgers merchandise.

How do I join the WahlClub?

Download the Wahlburgers App at the App Store, or Google Play and then sign up for our WahlClub in the App. The Wahlburgers App is the best way to experience all of the benefits of the WahlClub and many other features such as mobile ordering and a store locator to find the closest Wahlburgers to you.

Alternatively, you can also join the WahlClub on our website at wahlclub.com

What are the benefits of being a WahlClub member?

Once you join, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • one free side of Tots as a sign-up reward
  • one free non-alcoholic Frappe to celebrate your birthday
  • access to member-only promotions and opportunity for exclusive VIP surprises.

Once you’ve accumulated 75 points, you’ll be eligible to redeem your points for additional benefits like free menu items and/or free Wahlgear. Here’s a rundown:

  • 75 points for a free Side (including Tater Tots, Sweet Potato Tots, Fries, and Onion Rings)
  • 150 points for a free Brother’s Choice Burger or a Wahlbowl (including The Our Burger, BBQ Bacon Burger, Thanksgiving Turkey Burger, Our Burger Wahlbowl, BBQ Bacon Wahlbowl, Jenn’s Chicken Wahlbowl)
  • 500 points for a free Wahlburgers T-shirt or Hat
Do all wahlburgers locations participate in the WahlClub?

Participating locations includes:

  • Wahlburgers Atlanta (The Battery)
  • Wahlburgers Atlanta (Downtown)
  • Wahlburgers Atlantic City
  • Wahlburgers Boston
  • Wahlburgers Brookfield
  • Wahlburgers Cincinnati
  • Wahlburgers Cleveland
  • Wahlburgers Detroit
  • Wahlburgers Dorchester
  • Wahlburgers Frisco
  • Wahlburgers Hingham
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Ankeny
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Brooklyn Park
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Cedar Rapids
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Cottage Grove
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Columbia
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Des Moines
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Eagan
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Kearney
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Lakeville
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Lee's Summit
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee New Hope
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Oakdale
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Peoria
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Rochester
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Savage
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Shakopee
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Springfield
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Urbandale
  • Wahlburgers @ Hy-Vee Waukee
  • Wahlburgers Key West
  • Wahlburgers Lynnfield
  • Wahlburgers Mall of America
  • Wahlburgers Maple Grove
  • Wahlburgers Milwaukee
  • Wahlburgers Myrtle Beach
  • Wahlburgers Olathe
  • Wahlburgers Palo Alto
  • Wahlburgers Pittsburgh The Block Northway
  • Wahlburgers Pittsburgh The Mall at Robinson
  • Wahlburgers Royal Oak
  • Wahlburgers St. Charles
  • Wahlburgers West Des Moines

Restaurants in Canada & UK currently do not participate. Please visit restaurant for more details.

Does it cost money to be a WahlClub member?

No, it’s free!

Can anyone join the WahlClub?

You must be 18 years or older and legal resident of the of the United States or Canada to become a member.

What if I have joined the WahlClub eclub in the past?

You can sign up for the NEW and improved WahlClub either by downloading the Wahlburgers App or visiting online. Sign up for a new account using your existing email address and create a password. Your account will then be upgraded to the new WahlClub rewards program.

If you are not interested in taking part in the rewards program, you can continue as a WahlClub eClub member and continue to receive our emails with updates on all things Wahlburgers.

Do I need to sign up through my Facebook account?

No, you are not required to join the WahlClub via your Facebook account. But it is an option.

How do I earn points from my purchases?

The more you eat, the more we treat.

After you’ve dined with us at a participating Wahlburgers restaurant, you will need to use your Wahlburgers App to scan the QR code on your receipt to earn points. The receipt will be valid for 7 days. Any receipts scanned that are older than 7 days will not be accepted by the app.

For Wahlburgers locations offering online ordering, be sure to order your food and non-alcoholic beverages through the Wahlburgers App while logged into your rewards account, and you will automatically receive points from that purchase!

I am receiving the following error when scanning the receipt “We are looking for your check, but it's taking longer than expected. Once we find it, we'll let you know and add it to your account”

Please make sure you are scanning the receipt of the closed check that the server gave you after you paid. If you are still having an issue, please send your receipt to us at [email protected]

How do I earn points if I don’t have a Wahlburgers app?

Don’t sweat. You can earn points by providing your mobile number or email address associated with your WahlClub account. A Wahlburgers team member can look up your account and load points after your purchase.

Do my points expire?

Yes. You must use your account at least once every 12 months to keep points from expiring. If you haven’t made a purchase (in the store, or via the app) for 12 months, points will reset to zero.

Will I earn points on catering orders?

Yes. You will receive points each time you place a catering order! 1 point per $1 spent. So go ahead and place that lunch order for your co-workers -- they’ll be sure to thank you and you’ll reap the rewards!

Will I earn points on merchandise purchases?

You will receive points each time you make a merchandise purchase at a participating restaurant. 1 point per $1 spent. Purchases made on wahlgear.com however are not eligible for rewards points at this time.

Will I earn points on gift card purchases?

No. Purchases or reloads of Wahlburgers Gift Cards are not eligible for rewards points at this time.

Will I earn points on Wahlburgers at home retail product purchases?

No. Purchases of Wahlburgers At Home retail products are not eligible for rewards points at this time.

Do I get points for purchases I made before I joined the program?

Unfortunately, purchases made more than 7 days before joining the WahlClub rewards program will not receive points -- but thanks for visiting! However, if you have kept the receipt and it is dated within 7 days of your purchase from a participating restaurant, you can join the WahlClub and earn points in the Wahlburgers App by scanning the QR code or Barcode on the receipt before it expires.

How do I refer a friend? Do I get points for referring a friend to WahlClub?

Spread the word! You will receive 10 points for each friend you refer to the program once that friend joins the WahlClub and makes an eligible purchase. Just go to the “Refer A Friend” tab on the “More” page in the Wahlburgers App. Share your referral code and ask your friend to enter the code when they join during sign up. After they make their first purchase as a WahlClub member, we’ll load 10 points on your account!

How do I redeem a reward?

Before paying for an order at a participating Wahlburgers, click “Redeem” from the Rewards page and choose the reward you’d like to redeem. Then show the cashier or a Wahlburgers team member your redemption code. If you’re placing a mobile order through the Wahlburgers App, rewards can be added at checkout.

Will I lose my points if my redemption code expires before I use it?

No, your points will automatically go back to your account if you don’t use your redemption code within 24 hours.

How many rewards can I redeem during one visit?

Guests can only redeem 1 reward per visit. Rewards and offers cannot be combined unless specified otherwise.

When will I get my birthday reward?

Your Birthday Reward will be issued to you approximately 15 days ahead of your birthday, and you can use it upon receipt or up to 30 days after the reward is issued.

Can I have more than one rewards account?

No. Each guest is eligible to have only one WahlClub rewards account.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact us at [email protected]! And we hope to see you soon!

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