Our story

When Chef Paul set out to create a family restaurant, things got interesting quickly. See, Paul’s a Wahlberg, and the Wahlbergs are no ordinary family. One brother, Donnie, didn’t just join the school band as a kid. He created the most famous boy band in the world. His other brother, Mark, didn’t just take drama. He became one of the most famous actors in the world. And Paul, well, he loved food. And family. But he wasn’t satisfied just cooking for them. He wanted to cook for everyone else’s too. He was hungry for something more.

So he created Wahlburgers.

With menu items like the sloppiest Sloppy Joe’s, the tastiest tater tots, and frothiest frappes, based on the same recipes Paul and his 8 siblings devoured as kids—taken to another Wahlberg-ian level.

Come chow down on Mark’s favorite burger topped with all things Thanksgiving. Dip a handful of fries into Wahl Sauce that’s so delicious you keep asking for more. Hit the bar for a Wahlcoction or top off your night with a delicious adult frappe. So don’t just go out. Come to Wahlburgers and GO WAHL OUT.

Go Wahl Out