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Overhead shot of four people and their meals and drinks at Wahlburgers

Authentic flavor.

Our menu is inspired by real family dishes from the Wahlberg kitchen, recreated by Chef Paul with a delicious twist on your favorite homestyle classics.

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Mark, Donnie, Paul and Alma enjoying a meal at a Wahlburgers table

No Ordinary Family.

The Wahlbergs are a perfectly imperfect cast of characters. Like most families, our most treasured memories were made around the dinner table.

Our Story
Group at the bar with some appetizers "cheers-ing" their drinks

Treat Yourself.

You deserve a break from the every day. Celebrate, kick back, and indulge. Try something you've never tasted before. The experience makes our food taste that much better.

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Born in ”Dorchestah“ our family. our story. our burgers.

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Chef Paul in the kitchen

From cooking in the family kitchen as a child to culinary school and fine dining, Chef Paul knows a thing or two about making food that brings people together.


Chef approved

Text blurb "Patio Vibes" Beer being poured from the tap into a Wahlburgers glass Man and woman on patio with food, cheers-ing with a cocktail and a beer

Designed with good times in mind

Text blurb "Yum" Wahlburgers At Home raw meat and cooked burger shot Donnie holding up a package of raw Wahlburgers At Home burger patties

Enjoy Wahlburgers in your kitchen!

Brothers Moms Favorite WB Trucker Hat

Go Wahl Out!